Bless Up

Bless Up

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Phillip Fanna - Walk Out On Me 7'' [1984 Junjo Original Pressing]

Early partial-digi Darker Shade Of Black riddim by Junjo Lawes. Fanna was another obscure up and coming DJ that didn't cut much, yet was featured on a combo disco LP with King Early B. Go figure...

Crab Walk


  1. yeah, good to see you back! your writings always put a smile on my face.
    i was scared to lose my hard drive, too. so i just bought a bunch of dvd-r´s to make a backup.
    much cheaper than another drive.

    how about a deal? i do a logo for your blog and you send me some of your sweets in 320?
    i´m no pirate, just want to use them in a mix.

  2. Novum, thanks for the praise!
    I got an external hard drive to back everything up... it's my actual computer's hard drive that might fail. I won't lose my data, but still will have to get the shit fixed. Time will tell...

    As far as your trade, I like the idea... though I wouldn't know how to change the audio quality. I've been using this cheap table with a USB built in for ripping these. It came with a very basic EZ Vinyl Converter program (Ion TTUSB). I'd like to help ya out if you can guide me... I don't know much about these things. What tunes were you looking for?

  3. Well, i dont know too much about these things either.. :)the audiophile´s choice is definatly audacity, also to reduce noise, but it isn´t easy.

    is the output format of EZ mp3 already? or is it wave? if so what program do you use to convert to mp3?

    some of my favourites from your blog are "mini van man", "youth get tricked", "youth of today" "youthman" and "step on my corn"

  4. You could try: Audacity 1.3 Beta
    free download

    Thanks raggamuffin selector for all the uploads !

  5. hey guys sorry for taking so long to get back to yall. so the program I use turns it straight to mp3, so no converting for me. I have a cd to download audacity, but im hesitant because im not super tech-wise when it comes to that stuff. i'll try to check it out and see if I can re-rip those specific songs... please be patient though. I'll keep you updated. Thanks-

  6. take your time! its not an easy subject, but i think its worth the effort! i also continue learning more and more..
    this seems to be a good gide talking about both EZ and audacity:,review-1406-3.html
    and for later wave to flac encoding:
    good luck and thank YOU!