Bless Up

Bless Up

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Madoo - Sad Music 7'' [1988 Redman International Original Pressing]

Rare Madoo track here over Daddy Lizard's Move Your Body riddim full of promiscous girlfriends and backstabbing friends . While I beleive this is the original Madoo, there is a possibility of this being his younger brother UU Madoo... being that they both had similar deliveries, and the lil' bro was was infamous for covering his older bro's songs. Either way this is a special chune!!



  1. interesting info, always thought of only one maddoo.. hugh - uu

    what about unique madoo out of Summer Records ? :)

    thanks for sad music

  2. No prob man... the older Madoo (this one) didn't record much digi stuff and sometimes went by the name Papa Madoo also. Hugh (UU) was more prevalent in the later half of the 80's. As far as Unique Madoo... don't know bout him.

    Also realized this is the same lyrics as Banana Man and Junie Ranks' Give Them Bun track on the Firehouse label. Not sure which came first but probably Tubby's did... maybe they're both covers of some oldies?