Bless Up

Bless Up

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Culture Paul - Mini Van Man/Easter Sunday Morning 12'' [1987 Music House Repress]

I really wish this kid had cut more songs.... Every track I've heard from him is super crucial.
Veteran style singing from the youthman. Any info on dude? Check out "Brutalize a Sound Boy" over Jammy's Slim Belly Man riddim as well for more Paul murderation. Versions inlcuded here.

Side A
Side B


  1. hehe, unfriendly bus drivers seem to be a global problem ;) that´s why i ride me bycicle as me transportation..

    really nice tune, who needs perfect singing? love the little obscure sound of the mix!

  2. My brother Paul Elliot a/k/a Culture Paul and Honorable Bunny Wailer are on interview right now

    you can also link up with Paul on TheChosenOnePaulElliott a/k/a Culture Paul on FB