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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Horace Ferguson - Senci Addick 7'' [1984 Ujama Original Pressing]

From what I've heard, Ferguson's Sensi Addict LP has been credited as the first fully digital album to come out of Jamaica. Here we have a rare instrumental (non digi) cut of the title track that is different from the album version. Personally I like the digikal one better, but this is still an interesting bit of history to listen to. Anyone have more info? Much appreciated-

Sensimilla Burn


  1. 'sensi addict' isn't a 100% digital LP...
    but 'leave babylon' LP on the ujama label is...
    i think ppl are mistaken about 'sensi addict' being first as this version came out in 1984 and is not digital but to a person just scouring discographies they wouldn't have found out that there are two different versions of the song.
    I heard 'herbsman hustling' by sugar minott came out before this and sleng teng as one of the first digital riddims...

  2. ^ word man. The single Sensi Addict wasn't the first digital 7'' put out, but from what I had heard the LP was one of the first digi albums to drop. you're right that there are a couple non-digital tracks on that LP tho. Thanks for the info!!

  3. thank you very much for sharing this!
    sometimes these computer sounds are too much..
    nice to hear this, still pretty minimal.